Christmas past and present

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December is traditionally a time when families get together, exchange gifts and cards and catch up on the events of the year. For many of us we welcome new people into our family but sadly each year more and more of our older relatives pass away.

We decorate our trees with family favourite baubles and ornaments – some of which are in a dilapidated state – but we still use them because Christmas would not be the same without those reminders of the past. In our home there are several items that make Christmas special. We still use a nativity set that belonged to my grandmother. The donkey only has three legs now and the ox is missing his horns but they are still placed with affection on the mantelpiece. A Blue Peter Santa Claus made out of a toilet roll, felt and a white pompom sits with pride on the tree despite my children’s best efforts to consign him to the bin – to be fair he’s not looking great but then he is nearly 50 years old!


Christmas is often a time of reminiscing with a glass of sherry and a mince pie – a time of stories about childhood memories from the past. Make time this Christmas to write down those memories so they are not forgotten by future generations. In an ever changing world where it’s easier to send a text or an email than to write a letter, cherish the memories of our older generation without whom none of us would be here today. Perhaps use today’s technology to record their memories. From experience one of the things I miss most about close family members who are no longer with us is the sound of their voices – photographs are wonderful and although they fade with time they remain with families long after people die. But the sound of their voices is gone forever unless you record them.

However your family celebrate Christmas enjoy being together.

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