Starter Package

Not sure where to begin? If you’re the sort of person who knows very little about your family this package is designed for you. Pinpoint Ancestry offers a starter package that aims to provide an overview of up to four generations of your family from either yourself or an ancestor who was born in the twentieth century. This package seeks to name ancestors on both sides of your family and provide details of their birth, marriage and death. With this information you may wish to extend your research further into a single or double surname package at a reduced rate. Alternatively it may be all you need to help you start your own research.
The price of this package is based on the assumption that birth, marriage and death (if appropriate) certificates are available for at least two generations of your family. If these are not available we may need to purchase them. Pinpoint Ancestry does not charge for ordering these documents but the price of them (currently £11.00 each) will be added to the package price.

This package includes:
• Full report of research findings.
• Details of sources examined.
• Copies of birth, marriage and death certificates up to a maximum of 5 certificates.
• GRO (General Register Office) references and transcriptions of all certificates.
• Copies of appropriate census returns.
• Transcriptions of census records.
• Copy of your family tree chart.

Cost of the Starter Package: £250

The Starter Package uses the following sources:
General Register Office (GRO) indexes of birth, marriage and death.
Birth, marriage and death certificates currently cost £11.00 each.
1841-1911 census records.
Starter Pack Pedigree Chart for Julia Newton